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Ayyaaiura*a ftJjSk-rved : ;* Whatever Your Majesty said by
way <M:"pU-a*aii?ry may l^ cu:i*:dreci by them unnatural; for
it if? said,

*-1 s:.:-eli ir::-re 1 ::T a JI'-Z-T: m.iii genuinely1 humble (in
spirit).' It trill r-Tppear :inmr:; v ht;-i'. Does the bow which. beads from
its rxtr.-iiiiiivS sU"7r humility? I: iiils the opponent at once."

" it Is etistoinary, according to the politico-moral maxims
ot* Cai^ukya, that envoys should report to their masters not
unly vrhat they have heard and seen, but their considered
opinion on affairs forming the subject-matter of their report.
The- information so communicated deserves the anxious
consul ^ration of the people there. After careful examination of
the facts mentioned in the report they must have tendered
their advice,"

When the councillors had expressed their opinion, the
Ray a said: "This appears to (provide us with) a cause for
what we have intended to do in the future." Then he sent
away Appaji and others.

J&Jfavaeatam, pp. 61-64.

129 07).

The Raya said to Appaji and other (ministers) : * We
have only expressed privately our desire to wage war upon the
Mussulmans ; and they are already taking steps (to ward off
onr attack). Is it courage or panic that has prompted them to
take these precautionary steps ? "*

Tr* this question, Appaji and the other ministers replied :
" (Kiugs generally hear the news coming from all quarters ;
but they do not immediately pay any attention to it. After the
lapse of a few days, however, they cause a rumour to be spread
that the ruler of the snaa would pay a visit to his district ; so that
the forts in all the places should have fresh supplies of provisions
and other articles as well as its full complement of troops.f

The U&fnjkge of the  original is not  quite intelligible here.   So the gist of the
sentence is gives,
t Tlie original has * .r*ftt&j<H* * which perhaps denote* the reqtiixed quota of troops
to b* maintftiawl far ti* dufane* of a fort.